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Going into the past . . .

With over 19 years of proud history of Carmel Secondary School which was founded in the year 2004 with the foundation stone put on 15th October by His excellency Rt Rev Bishop Telesphore Richard Mkude, the Bishop of the Diocese of Morogoro in the presence of the then Regional Vicar Very Rev Fr Marlon Rodrigues, OCD. The day to day managing of the school was handed over to the Community of Malolo Mission which was also responsible for the formation house and the local parish dedicated to Infant Jesus.

Our Carmel Secondary School is a co-education school from Form one to Form four. The first batch of Carmel Secondary School began in the year 2006 with Rev Fr Baptist Fernandes, OCD being the first director. Along with the Carmelite fathers, the Regional Vicariate had recruited sisters from India belonging to the Congregation of Sisters of St Joseph of Chambery and Rev Sr Grace being the first Headmistress of Carmel Secondary School. The sisters of Chambery contributed a lot to the upliftment and growth of the school. Later on, after rendering their services for a couple of years, they returned back to India and we had sisters from Kenya belonging to the Order of the Incarnate Word and the Blessed Sacrament taking over with Rev Sr Doreen being the first Headmistress from their Order, followed by Rev Sr Magdalene and still continuing with a lot of zeal for the growth of Carmel school with Rev Sr Anne Mutinda, and Rev. Sr. Doreen Mathew returning once again to be the present Headmistress.


Adding to this, let me pen down also the list of directors who had toiled hard for the smooth running of the school and to bring it to the standard of what we can see today. They are as follows in their chronological order (all Carmelites priests): Rev Fr Baptist Fernandes, Rev Fr Rovel D’Souza, Rev Fr Denis Misquith, Rev Fr Rohan Miranda, Rev Fr Dolphy D’Souza, Rev Fr Elius Malale, Rev Fr Nelson Osmond Vaz and present director being Rev Fr. Sunil Kishor Menezes

We thank God for protecting and guiding us throughout these years with the successful training, completion and churning out 14 batches of competent students and this year, of 2023, being the 15th batch.

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